Episode 2: TNG’s The Game

TNG: S05E06 “The Game”
Drunk: Ian Sayre

Blooper Reel


Wesley Crusher – Avery Conant
William Riker – Aaron Birenbaum
Deanna Troi – Margarita Femmeinista
Jean-Luc Picard – Jon Sung
Robin “LaFore” Lefler – February Keeney
Beverly Crusher – Evie Vincent
Boob-Headed Lady – Ro Grantham
Data – Ron Vincent
Worf – Angelo Garza
Chief O’Brien – Michael DeFabio
Horse Guard – Ramon Yvarra


Director – Evie Vincent
Interview DOP – James Jordan
Reenactment DOP – Ramon Yvarra
Assistant DOP – Erskine Wilson
1st Assistant Director – Ramon Yvarra
2nd Assistant Director – Ro Grantham
3rd Assistant Director – Avery Conant
Sound and Music – Michael DeFabio
Editor – Evie Vincent

Worf and Data Makeup by Deeleit Makeup

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