Evie Vincent

Producer, Director, Editor, Actor

Evie is a licensed esthetician operating her own business in the East Bay. In her free time she manages to wrangle two bratty dogs, command a fictional feminist starship, travel the world, and generally be a nice person. As the mastermind behind Drunken Star Trek, Evie has filled several roles on the crew, including producing, directing, and editing. She understands that you might prefer Pulaski over Crusher, but she’s not trying to hear that mess right now.



Avery Conant

Associate Producer, Assistant Director, Actor

Avery is a queer vegan feminist with a cat and a paperback copy of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. She got into Star Trek at a young age when her aunt told her about the Leonard Nimoy poster that hung above her bed in college. Her favorite Star Trek characters are, in no particular order, mirrorverse Kira Nerys, Spock, Picard in a pirate shirt, Odo, and the parody account of Brony Gul Dukat. She reads exclusively sci-fi on BART and is an overly zealous pedestrian.



Ro Grantham

Associate Producer, Assistant Director, Actor

Human by birth, Bajoran by nature.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .



Margarita Femmeinista


Margarita is an activist, artist, cultural historian, fatshion enthusiast and HorrorFemme. Her first and favorite Star Trek series is TNG. Her most recent short L IS FOR LAVENDER is a #Femme4Femme romance included in the film HANKY CODE:THE MOVIE. It has screened in the Bay Area, LA, Minneapolis, and Berlin. She is currently working on a new horror project about the gentrification of San Francisco, her home town.


Jon Sung


Jon is a copywriting phaser-for-hire to startups and ventures all over the San Francisco Bay area. When not playing, tweaking, or inventing board games for his own amusement, he can be found experimenting with new ways to make booze taste better. Jon admits to being late for the party with Enterprise, but still refuses to listen to the theme song.


Aaron Birenbaum


Aaron is an aspiring famous person for whatever reasons will make him rich without hurting people. He works independently as a handyman and is currently completing his BA in World History through ASU. He hates both of those necessary evils and would rather be film acting and rich until he dies. More than half of his jokes don’t make any sense, but he’s still funny sometimes. At least he thinks so. After all, he wrote this bio objectively from the third person himself. He thanks the readers of this bio and Evie Vincent. And all ya’ll too.



Shinita Garza


Shinita is a returned Peace Corps volunteer and is still discovering what she learned from the experience. Her goal is to live a life that justifies her existence. Whether it’s the harbinger of the apocalypse or being an enjoyable person to be around, it makes no difference to her. She enjoys time with friends and family and doesn’t want to be one of those people who, upon their death, wishes they spent more time with love ones. In her spare time she daydreams about befriending a dragon and fancies herself an extreme zombie-killer… should need arise for one.



Claudia Vilardy


Claudia likes to make stuff as often as she can, whether it’s a ridiculous burning man project, a crochet gift or a tasty treat. She loves to share fun and interesting experiences with wonderful people and is willing to help when possible. Like answering night before texts to dress up as a grumpy alien :c)



February Keeney


February Keeney fights to save the Universe from The Powers of Darkness and Banality. She also likes lip gloss. February grew up on a steady diet of Star Trek, Blake’s 7, and Babylon 5. Former keyboardist for the band Curious Quail, February is now pursuing a variety of performing arts, but mostly just wants to engage in Cosplay. 



Poliana Irizarry


Poliana Irizarry, or Pi to her friends, is a librarian and a musician in San Jose, CA. When not actively participating in the zine and DIY punk communities, she spends too much time on the internet. Her favorite iteration of Star Trek is the TOS movies, and she sincerely hopes you LLAP.



Antuan Goodwin


No stranger to being in front of a camera, Antuan reviews cars for Roadshow, a subsidiary of CBS which, coincidentally, is the home of the Star Trek television franchise. (Now that he thinks about it, that puts him just a few casual degrees of separation from LeVar Burton.) Antuan’s favorite Trek series is The Next Generation, but he much prefers The Original Series’ weirdo theme music.


Ron Vincent


Ron is a card carrying CPA with a degree in Theatre from UC Berkeley. He was conscripted to play Data by his daughter, Evie, after offering his company’s offices for the production of Drunken Star Trek. He has only one screen credit, American Graffiti. This small contribution has cemented his commitment to accounting.



Casey Greene


Casey does QA for an education startup, and likes long walks on the beach. Her favorite Star Trek characters are, in order, Jadzia Dax, Vash, Riker, Janeway, Barclay, and Weyoun. She has professed her undying attraction to Connor Trinneer in person, and he gave her a high-five and a hug.



Ian Sayre


Pretty much just a pretty face and nice hair.   @iansayre on twitter and instagram.



Erskine Wilson

Assistant DOP (Ep1&2)

Erskine is a Spacer taking shore-leave on Earth. He is training his cat to be a contract killer/Klingon warrior. He is known to eat pizza and would prefer to be a wizard or maybe Ray Bradbury.



Mike Stand


Mike Stand is not a real person. Mike Stand is a tripod wearing a dress and a wig.



Angelo Garza


Angelo is an Oakland native; tall dark and handsome with a broody personality. He is a sports enthusiast and generally an all-around good guy, with highlights of bad-assery.



Michael DeFabio

Sound and Music

Mike may be a relative newcomer to the world of Star Trek (he’s more of a music nerd, you see) but he’s having a great time. Outside of recording and mixing the audio for Drunken Star Trek, Mike spends his time making experimental music as The Other Leading Brand, and placating disgruntled library patrons.



James Jordan

Director of Photography (Interviews)

James mistakenly thinks he is too good for Drunken Star Trek and in a passive agressive show of procrastination, forced Evie to write his bio for him. He’s good at cameras or whatever, but refuses to share food which is rude and weird. Everyone thinks he is just ok. One time he let Evie walk under a big spider and DIDN’T EVEN TELL HER IT WAS THERE UNTIL AFTER.



Ramon Yvarra

Assistant Director (Ep 2), Director of Photography (Reenactments), Actor

Ramon is a San Francisco based artist, designer, and seasoned Star Trek enthusiast. When he’s not building robots or exhibiting at Maker Faire he’s living the 24th century lifestyle, with future forward ideals and a thirst for exploring new worlds.

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